Use the Treasure Tower™ for a variety purposes and locations!
Medical and Dental Offices
In medical and dental offices, young patients receive a reward from the Treasure Tower™ using a “Super Patient Award” token given them by their dentist or doctor after completing their visit. Quarters provided by the parent may also be used if extra toys are desired.

Schools and other teaching establishments like nursery schools, music teachers etc., can benefit from using the Treasure Tower™ by giving their students a “Super Student Award” token to recognize some accomplishment by the student. This eliminates the need for teachers to spend their own money to buy rewards and introduces a magical quality to the reward by allowing the child to earn the reward and then select it from the machine.

Adult Rewards
If your office doesn't see a lot of children, you can still benefit from using the Treasure Tower™. Simply customize your reward selections to your adult patients. Adults love to be rewarded too and giving them useful prizes like Spry Gum or coupons can endear you to your adult patients just as much as your young patients.

What's so special about using a Treasure Tower™?

Frankly, the success of the Treasure Tower™ is somewhat baffling to adults because it appeals to children at a level that most adults have forgotten. There is something magical for a child to be told that they are good and then be trusted with choosing their reward from a machine.

The size of the toy is a distant second to this magical experience that children crave.

Because of this primal appeal to children, the Treasure Tower™ works fantastically as children will change their behavior for a chance to be rewarded in this unique way.