Super Students can look forward to a trip to the office!
We are introducing an exciting new concept for rewarding your students’ good behavior. Imagine having the unique Treasure Tower™ toy-dispensing machine, pictured below, in your office or library. Students who are selected by their teachers or other school staff can be given a Super Student reward token that enables them to go to the Treasure Tower™ and get a non-candy reward. The students are thrilled to be rewarded, and the cost to you is small or perhaps even completely cost-free.

Here’s why you need to have a Treasure Tower:
  • This fun Treasure Tower™ toy dispenser is of no cost to you! We install it free of charge and keep it filled with fun, quality toys that you get to choose. The toys, the Treasure Tower™ and our service are all free!
  • We will rotate and keep the toys stocked in your Treasure Tower™.Your teachers and staff will no longer need to spend valuable time and money searching for and buying incentives, tracking inventory and worrying about keeping these items on hand.
  • The Treasure Tower™ toys are redeemed by a student using a “Super Student Award” token earned as a result of good behavior or academic achievement. We suggest the Treasure Tower™ be located in the school office or library so the children can come to a centralized location to redeem their token for their reward.
  • Since each of the eight canisters contains a separate toy, the child can choose the toy they want and place their “Super Student Award” token into the corresponding coin mechanism. The child turns the handle and receives their desired toy. Children love this machine! It spins easily, is fun to look at, and is a great last experience for them to remember before going home.
  • Your teachers and staff will love the Treasure Tower™ because it will save them valuable time in the classroom and eliminate the hassle of supervising children as they choose their reward from a box or drawer of toys or candy.
  • There won’t be the problems of children breaking prizes or spreading germs in the process of rummaging through a box or drawer to pick their prize.
  • The cost for each token is 25 cents with a roll of 40 tokens costing $10.00. This expense can be completely funded through a Community Sponsorship Program where local businesses sign up to be the “Sponsor of the Month” for the Treasure Tower™ Reward Program. They contribute $10 per roll of tokens for each teacher in your school. The “Sponsor of the Month” may be given recognition in the monthly newsletter sent home to each student’s family or other methods you might select. This creates great exposure and PR for the business, saves the school and teachers a lot of money and hassle, and provides a fun reward for the students.
  • If a teacher desires more than 40 tokens a month, they can purchase them for $10.00 a roll. The teachers determine how many tokens they want to give out and what requirements need to be met to earn the tokens. They are in total control of their incentive cost per student. Since the Treasure Tower™ requires one token per toy dispensed, it also eliminates the problem and added expense of children taking more than one toy or the risk of theft.
  • Not all teachers in a school need to participate. Some teachers may want to have their own reward program.
The Treasure Tower™ will be a great benefit to both your teachers and your students. What are you waiting for? Give us a call so we can schedule the installation of a Treasure Tower™ in your school!