Great Opportunity to Improve Education
(and promote your business!)
Introducing an opportunity for your business or organization to support the elementary schools of our community by sponsoring an exciting new student reward program. Our unique Treasure Tower™ toy-dispensing machine is being placed in local schools as a reward system for children who complete an assignment or exhibit good behavior. Teachers give a “Super Student Award” token that students can redeem for a prize from the Treasure Tower. The students are thrilled to be rewarded with fun toys provided in the Treasure Tower, and the cost to you is only $10 for each teacher who chooses to participate.

Here is why you should sponsor a Treasure Tower:

  • This fun Treasure Tower™ toy dispenser costs you nothing!
    • We install it free of charge and keep it filled with fun, quality toys.
    • The toys, the Treasure Tower™ and our service are all free!
    • All you pay for is the teachers’ supply of tokens!
  • Through our Community Sponsorship Program, your business or organization can sign up to be the “Sponsor of the Month” for the Treasure Tower™ Reward Program.As a sponsor, you receive recognition for your participation with a sign posted near the Treasure Tower™. In addition, your business sponsorship will be acknowledged in the monthly PTA/school newsletter which is mailed to each student’s family. This brings your business name to the forefront as parents read their newsletter.
  • Schools and teachers save money through your generous sponsorship. Most teachers spend a significant amount of their hard-earned money on rewards to encourage their students. Many school budgets also put forth precious funds for reward programs that can now be directed to other important educational goals. Your support allows the teachers to keep more of their hard-earned wages.
  • You may elect to include coupons, or other special offers promoting your business inside special plastic capsules to be dispensed through the Treasure Tower™. If you provide coupons or special offers, we will place them into capsules free of charge. This is a great way to promote your business, since a child redeeming a coupon rarely does so without bringing a paying customer along.
  • Sponsorships are tax deductible.
  • The teachers will be grateful for the time and money you save them. The schools will recognize you for your generous support. And the parents will be reminded to patronize your establishment.
We recommend that you purchase one roll of tokens for each teacher in the school you wish to sponsor. A roll of 40 Super Student tokens costs only $10 – that’s just 25˘ for each token!