Costs Comparison Analysis (Based on 200 Rewards)

See How You Can Save Almost $1.00 on Every Patient

Treasure Tower
Reward System


Do-it-Yourself Toybox


Treasure Tower Machine Free

Toy costs per child - estimated 3 toys per patient (siblings included) taken from drawer at estimated cost of 15 cents each (45 cents total)


Toys - 8 canisters,
your choice of toys
Free Shipping costs to deliver toys - estimated order over $100


Installation and setup
of Treasure Tower
Free Staff Time* to inventory, sanitize and order toys from catalogs - estimated 30 minutes/month


to keep the toys stocked
Free Staff Time* waiting for child to select their toy(s) - estimated 2 minutes per child


Super Patient Tokens
25 cents each x 200
$50.00 Staff Time* waiting to prep room - estimated 30 second delay per patient


Inventory Space (closet storage space and drawer space 18" x 24" at $21 a foot)


Total Cost


Total Cost


*Staff Time estimated at $15 / hour including taxes.
Cost savings for 200 patients: $187.65
Not only are reward costs lowered by using the Treasure Tower, but it also frees the staff to spend more time with patients and their parents to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

This can help build profitability in your practice by increasing the number of patients who can be treated each day. You may also increase your referral business because your young patients and their parents will tell their friends about how fun your practice is.