The Treasure Tower™ makes rewarding patients and students easy and productive!

This rotating 8-selection vending machine will revolutionize your business. The children you work with will be thrilled, and your interaction with them will be easier and more productive.

The Treasure Tower™ is an 8-selection toy dispensing machine that is filled with fun, quality toys. We have many placed in dental offices, medical offices and schools where they are used as a reward system to encourage good behavior from patients and students. The machine occupies an 18" square space on the floor and stands 59" tall. The top portion of the machine rotates so that children can select the toy they want, even if the machine is standing in a corner or against a wall. It comes in three colors, yellow, silver and gold. The Treasure Tower™ system is a service provided by Invetec, Inc., where Invetec owns the machine and provides you with your choice of 8 toys to fill the machine. You can change your toy selections at any time and Invetec will supply you with the new toys you choose. All of this service costs you nothing. The only thing you pay for is tokens that can be used in the Treasure Tower™. These tokens cost 30 cents each, in rolls of 40 tokens ($12), and it is also possible to use quarters in the machine.

Just think - for a minimum token purchase of just $60 per month (5 rolls of tokens), you can have all the benefits of the Treasure Tower™ system! 

Treasure Towers are perfect for:

Medical and Dental Offices


Adult Rewards

Treasure Tower™ System Benefits include:

  • No more ordering toys
  • Frees up storage space currently used for toys
  • No more supervising children
  • Patient/student reward cost is fixed
  • Saves money and time
  • Controlled, organized & attractive
  • Reinforces good behavior
  • More fun for patients & staff
  • More sanitary - nobody can sneeze on the toys in the Treasure Tower!
  • Easier and trouble-free
  • Accepts both tokens and quarters
  • No maintenance required
  • Promotes customer referrals