Treasure Tower™ Reward Systems from Invetec

COVID19 Statement from Your Treasure Tower Dealer

The whole world is facing challenges never seen before in our lifetime. Each day brings new fears and cause for concern. We at Treasure Tower are here to serve you and put your minds at ease. As small business owners, we are so very grateful for your business and thank you for your support. We know this is a temporary situation and everything will return to normal in time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance in any way.

We know that you have many questions about how to move forward to protect your business and your customers so we've put together some thoughts below in a question-and-answer format to help you.

Please keep in mind that the CDC recently concluded that COVID-19 is not easily spread by surface contact.

Q - Can the Treasure Tower be used safely amid the current outbreak of COVID-19?
A – Yes! We have always prided ourselves on cleanliness by providing germ-free toys and tokens. Please know that our Treasure Tower reward system is extremely sanitary. Our toys are capsuled and sealed to ensure a clean and sanitary toy. Our tokens are cleaned and sanitized after every service with antibacterial soap before being rolled by machine, assuring that each token is clean with no germs. In addition, we clean and sanitize the Treasure Tower at each service visit.

Q – How can I keep the Treasure Tower clean and Sanitary?
A - To maintain a clean and germ-free Treasure Tower during the COVID-19 pandemic, we would advise you to wipe down the tower after each use or place the tower in a temporary location where only office staff have access to it. When a child wants to redeem a token, the staff member can operate the tower by retrieving the prize for the child, limiting the number of hands touching the tower.

In order to properly sanitize the Treasure Tower, we ask that you wipe the tower with an alcohol wipe or a cloth that has been sprayed with a disinfecting solution. Never spray cleaners directly onto the Treasure Tower since this often causes severe damage to internal components. Always spray cleaners onto a cloth and then wipe the tower with the cloth.

Please also note that the Treasure Tower canisters are plastic so they should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals that could damage the plastic

Q – How can the Treasure benefit me and the kids I work with?
A - One of the many benefits of the Treasure Tower is eliminating anxiety for children. As most children are feeling additional anxiety during these uncertain times, please rest assured that the Treasure Tower can continue to be used without fear. The fun of earning tokens to take to the Treasure Tower for their reward will, as always, motivate children to be cooperative, have less anxiety and help them look forward to future visits.

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