So you've decided to try using Treasure Tower™? Congratulations!

So now there are just a few details to decide on...
Step 1
Choose the color of the Treasure Tower(s) you'd like to have installed. Remember that when choosing a color, you actually want the Treasure Tower™ to stand out so your patients will notice it and anticipate getting their reward. Although color coordinating the Treasure Tower™ to your office color scheme is appealing, it isn't always the best thing to do. Most practices choose the yellow machine because it is different from the standard red vending machines seen in grocery stores and other places, but it is still bright and attention getting.
Silver Vein Yellow Gold Vein
Step 2 Decide how many children you see in a month. Of course this may vary from month to month, but you need to have a rough estimate so you'll know how many tokens you will need to last you for about 2 months.
Step 3 Now comes the hard part -- from our huge selection of rewards, you have to choose the 8 toys that you'll want for your kids. Select the toys you would like on-line.
Step 4 When you are done choosing your toys, contact us on-line and send us the message that you're ready to go! Of course you could also call us at 425-522-4321.
Step 5 Decide where you will place the Treasure Tower™ when it is installed.

Here are some guidelines to use when making this important decision:
  • The Treasure Tower™ is 59 inches tall and occupies an 18" square space on the floor.
  • Since it rotates freely to show all 8 toy choices, the Treasure Tower™ can be placed against a wall or in a corner.
  • No power outlet is required by the machine.
  • Try to pick a location as close to the front desk as possible. This allows office staff to monitor use of the machine while allowing patients to see the toys as they enter your practice. Then they know where to go when they leave the chair with their precious Super Patient token.
  • If possible, locating the Treasure Tower™ in your waiting room is ideal because this allows the patients to completely leave the treatment area as soon as they are finished. It also allows parents to use their own quarters to treat siblings to a toy.
  • Experience in practices around the country has shown that parents love the Treasure Tower™ and having it available to them makes the trip to the dentist a much more positive experience for them and their kids.
What NOT to do when choosing a Treasure Tower™ location:
  • Don't treat the Treasure Tower™ like your old toybox. Usually toyboxes are hidden away to prevent unauthorized use, but that isn't a problem with the Treasure Tower™ so show it off!
  • Treasure Towers cannot be located in children's playhouses or toy storage areas. This is because such locations are unsafe for the Treasure Tower equipment since children will treat the Treasure Tower like a toy and damage to the equipment can result.
  • Just because the toy box has always been in a particular location in your practice doesn't mean that that's a good location for the Treasure Tower™.
  • Don't put the Treasure Tower™ in a closed space like the X-ray room. This makes it difficult for your friendly Treasure Tower dealer to service your machine.